Cisco CCIE Service Provider (CCIE Service Provider) certification is for expert-level Service Provider network engineers who bring the knowledge and skill to build an extensible Service Provider infrastructure to deliver rich managed services.

C4C notifies their clients of all proposed revisions and keeps their labs current to reflect all changes (through our platform). Our Workbook, Platform ensure you have the skills to demonstrate your knowledge with the updated information and the understanding you need to pass your SP Lab Exam on the first attempt.


1- Platform:
Our Platform is customized and almost same as Real Exam, installed on your own private computer (Laptop, Desktop). Lab is automatically updated when there is new change through our Platform.
2- Workbook:
+ CFG: CFG 2+, CFG 2, CFG 1.
+ TSHOOT: TS1 (1 set), TS2 (1 set), TS3 Practice (2 sets), TS3 Real LAB (5 sets), TS4
+ DIAG: DIAG workbook, and DIAG Learn by Heart.
3- Video Training:
Our Videos to illustrate details of technology in the lab will be provided (How to traffic follow, how technology works in the lab...)
4- Support: 6 months of continuous support and update labs.
5- Last updated: December 2019
6- Action Plan: Detail action plan how to pass CCIE


We offer a demo version, you will first get a real lab exam with our platform. In demo version, you could access to C4C Platform, get the information about the lab, document, feedback... in one day.

You will then try out some real actions and help you make important decision to join (C4C).

About CFG C1: it is one of three CFG LABs, there are a lot of people getting C1 in the first attemp when he take his lab.
Please follow the guideline and get the demo version.

C4C Team.


No. Name Track Lab Date
1 Asher Khan CCIE SP TS4, DIAG 2, CFG 2+ 05/29/2019
2 Alsumi CCIE SP TS3, DIAG 1, CFG 2 05/26/2019
3 Hoang Anh Tu CCIE SP TS3, DIAG 2, CFG 2+ 05/26/2019
4 Deji CCIE SP TS4, DIAG 2, CFG 2 05/21/2019
5 Ervn Bush CCIE SP TS4, Mixed DIAG, H2 CFG 05/16/2019
6 Jose Antonio CCIE SP TS4, DIAG 2, CFG2 05/16/2019
7 CCIE Grind CCIE SP TS3, DIAG Mixed, CFG2 05/16/2019
8 Luke CCIE SP TS3, DIAG MIX, CFG 2+ 02/01/2019
9 Maximus Meridius CCIE SP TS3, DIAG 2, CFG2 01/21/2019
10 HidekiKaneko CCIE SP TS3 DIAG MIX, CFG 2 01/09/2019
11 Network Princess CCIE SP TS3, DIAG MIX, CFG 2 01/08/2019
12 Kapoor CCIE SP TS3, DIAG MIX, CFG 2+ 01/07/2019
13 Anthony CCIE SP TS2, DIAG MIX, CFG 2 01/04/2019
14 Alexan CCIE SP TS3-Mix, DIAG 2, CFG 2 01/03/2019
15 Dalton CCIE SP TS3 MIX, DIAG 1, CFG 2 12/19/2018
16 Barry CCIE SP TS3, DIAG 1, CFG 1 12/12/2018
17 Collier CCIE SP TS3 MIX, DIAG 2, CFG 2+ 12/10/2018


Launched in 2015, (C4C) is committed to excellence and dedicated to your success. Our philosophy is to treat our customers like family. We want you to succeed, we are willing to do anything possible to help you make it happen and you will get your number (CCIE Number) in 1 or 2 months.

With more than 500 CCIEs and counting, we have the proof to back up your claims. From our Workbook and Video training you could pass on the first attempt. We have taken every step to make sure that you achieve the success you deserve while learning at a pace that's comfortable for you. (C4C) provides Real LAB in tracks: CCIE Routing and Switching Version 5, CCIE Service Provider Version 4.1, CCIE Security Version 5, CCIE Data Center Version 2.

Our main aim is to commit our student toward their CCIE number as soon as possible with our excellence and dedicated team we achieve success.

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