Alexan (TS3-Mix, DIAG 2, CFG 2)
Jan 3, 2019 Admin CCIE SP Feedback

Thank Combat and CC Dreamer for support me, without your team I cannot pass the exam. The lab is very hard but your platform and your solution is great.

Ticket 1- QOS question
Not able to solve, is not allowed to change the configuration on CE side, on PE side they are ussing a new configuration with QOS GROUP, I tried to change all the values tha was mapped to match precedence 4 and change to 2 but no luck on this one....

Ticket 2- Isis Fast reroute
Was asked to enable fast reroute with high priority on all devices (east, west, south and North), the configuration are the same from the workbook

Ticket 3 - BGP multipath
Wrong policy-map on PE XYZ-ASBR321, just changed it to RPL PASS and clear bgp

Ticket 4 - NAT64
Wrong mask, in the lab the nat64 config have a /8 mask, just changed to /24 and it worked

Ticket 5 - Telnet
Acl blocking traffic on XYZ-P211

Ticket 6 - L2VPN
pseudo wire id was wrong

Ticket 7 - MOB-CE322 ( not receiving EBGP routes) - NEW QUESTION
Now the MOB devices are ussing BGP instead of ospf, not able to solve this question, the PE XYZ-PE221 was learning the routes in vpnv4 and vpnv6 the router target import was correct but the routes were not installed in the routing table of vrf MOB, checked the entire OPTION C ( send labels, retain router target, static routes in the PE... send labels on router reflector...) no luck in this one

Ticket 8 -ISIS
West was not learning ipv6 routes from toll gate, have to propagate l2 routes into level1 on North device

Ticket 9 - BFD
there was a new config on this one, a "isis bfd" in both interfaces of DIST1-RT and DIST2-RT, just remove it and bfd will changes to UP status

Ticket 10 - Multicast question
same of the workbook

Ticket 11 - MOB-CE321 not learning ipv4 and ipv6 BGP routes from MOB-301 ( NEW QUESTION)
No luck in this one also.... since my PE XYZ-PE221 was not installing the routes learned from vpnv4 and vpnv6 event with the correct import configuration I lost this question also.... in the final minutes of the lab I saw that the BGP ipv4 between ABC-ASBR131 amd XYZ-ASBR231 was flapping but the time is over

So pay atention now all MOB devices use BGP ipv4 ( to received both traffic ipv4 and ipv6) and if you got the same problem on pe XYZ0PE221 you will lose two questions....

2- DIAG: 2
Very similar, but you really need to check the configuration on the devices and look for the correct answer

3- Configuration - CONFIG 2
Was the same, but I dont know what happened with the mcast question that you need to ping the mcast group from SQUARE-CE11 to SQUARE-CE14, the configuration was correct, ipv4 mvpn was learning the routes, all pim neighbors was UP but the ping not worked from CE side

After the lab I cheked in home the configuration that I used and worked... so maybe on CSR1000V there is another command that we need to add since in our lab we use IOL images and not CSR1000v



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