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Jan 24, 2019 Admin CCIE RS Feedback

First of all, I would like to thank Combat and CC Dreamer for their help, C4C's Platform and workbook are very complete and their videos are really great. Please pay attention to the videos, with them you could learn why you have to do each configuration and in the exam you will need to be very clear about why you do everything, I like the word Combat said with me: Study my dump but when you take your exam, do it with your brain. In my exam, there are a lot of pre-configured if you don't understand it makes you so confused. I recommend you to see them again and again.

That is my third attempt. I want to say that it was a game. we must follow the rules, so never give up. Everybody can complete this game and beat cisco lab if you can do:

1- Have a good workbook and environment to practice - with me C4C platform is great, it is same with the real exam and you should have two monitors also, you must use putty, don't use SecureCRT.

2- Practice as much as you can: as Combat said: you must complete CFG in 3 hours at your home.

3- Correct yourself every time you practice your lab: save your configuration after you complete your CFG, and comparison between times you have done.

That is my detail feedback:


Ticket 1:

- SW410: port-security issue.

Ticket 2:

- Wrong NAT configured on R14.

Ticket 3:

- R10 has route-map advertise high Local-Preference.

- Fix OSPF cost on one of interface to make traffic follow matches the requirement.

Ticket 4:

- Cost community on R20.

Ticket 5:

- IPSEC Issue (wrong transform set configuration) + some DMVPN configuration is not enough on R60.

Ticket 6:

- IPv6 Unicast routing on Server 1.

- SW111 is not configured ipv6 dhcp and enable dhcp on interface vlan 2001.

Ticket 7:

- LDP authentication on R1 and R3.

Ticket 8:

DHCP server (R30, R31) is configured with incorrect default GW.

Ticket 9:

- changed the network type of R71 to point-to-point.

Ticket 10:

IP nat outside source static on R24, R25 was already configured.

2- DIAG H3:

- Same as workbook.

3- CFG H3:

Section 1:

- SW300/301/310 was pre-configured: no spanning-tree mst simulate pvst global, just removed NO in order to MST work.

- Other is same, pay attention to physical connection in the real exam.

Section 4:

- Same.

Section 5:

- Same.

Section 2:

- Section 2.1: exactly same, all OSPF in HQ was pre-configured with router-id but you need to correct it.

- Section 2.2: exactly same.

- Section 2.3: exactly same.

- Section 2.4: correct the router-id was pre-configured under BGP. other exactly same.

- Section 2.5: exactly same.

- Section 2.6: exactly same.

- Section 2.8: exactly same.

- Section 2.9: exactly same.

- Section 2.10: requested that in the output infor source was loopback 1 of Switch, so configured 2nd variation of multicast on the workbook.

- Section 2.11: exactly same.

Section 3:

- Same with the workbook, pay attention to the output. section 3.4: pay attention to the ACl, R71 has DHCP with network /24 or with network /8. with network /8 you must apply like our workbook because if you do it that like the dummer so you will lost your point.



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