Hieu Quang (TS2, DIAG H2+, CFG H3)
Nov 12, 2018 Admin CCIE RS Feedback

First of all, I would like to thank C4C Team (mr Combat and Mr CC Dreamer), without your help I could not pass CCIE RS. I started study CCIE RS about 2.5 months ago. After 2.5 months I focused to CCIE RS, I got my number on the first attempt.
My advice: You dont need find other materials because CCIE4career.com is the best (Workbook, videos, Platform, support). Just focus to your lab, practice more than you can. And you must complete CFG in 3 hours before you want to take your lab.

I got TS2, DIAG H2+ and CFG3, the following is my feedback:

1- TS2:
Ticket 1: the problem is Mac-address in SW410 (wrong Mac-address)
Ticket 2: Vlan 2001 is not advertised to OSPF, NAT is wrong on R14.
Ticket 3: There is a route-map in R10 with higher Local Preference, just modify. Fix OSPF cost on interface to make sure traffic flow matches the requirement.
Ticket 4: Local-preference configured in R21 and it not advertised.
Ticket 5: Wrong R60 netmask, just correct.
Ticket 6: OSPFv3 not configured in Interface vlan 2001 of SW111 and not advertised to ISP.
Ticket 7: Distance OSPF external in R10 (same our workbook).
Ticket 8: DHCP server is configured with incorrect default gateway (R30, R31).
Ticket 9: There was a pre-configured about ospf hello interval just correct in the interface running OSPF
Ticket 10: on R24, the ip nat outside is missing.

2- DIAG H2+:
Exactly same the workbook.

3- CFG H3.
Section 1:
- There was a problem on SW300, SW301, SW310 with the command: no spanning-tree mst simulate pvst global. just removed "NO" in order to MST work.
- Other is same.
- Pay attention to the port-channel (check layer 2 topology).

Section 4:
I did exactly same out workbook.

Section 5:
I did exactly same our workbook.

Section 2:
- Everything is same with our workbook (please remember to contact Combat and CC Dreamer - he will update to you some minor changes in lab location) except:
+ we cannot touch R100, just configure OSPF 2 on R42 (the interface toward to R100).
+ There are many pre-configured so you need to check carefully.
+ Multicast is working perfect (when I practiced at home, sometime I could not get the output).

Section 3:
I did exactly same our workbook.

For all guys: don't think too much lab not hard but you have to practice a lot and a lot as you can do it for sure.

Good luck everybody.



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